Volta V is a beautiful computer that fits neatly into a designer's workspace, physically and aesthetically. It is made of touchable durable materials. The standardized parts can be replaced and upgraded, letting Volta V be a cherished object for many years. 
(Prototype in Walnut)
A large monitor can fit on top as there are no top vents. A keyboard can fit underneath to stow when a designer needs space for analog work. 
(Early Prototype in Bamboo)
The lid is held on with magnets, making for easy entry to upgrade and repair your Volta V. Each part has its own area on one layer for simple communication of function. No wood screws are used, instead metal screw inserts with bolts for durability. 
Some challenges solved when designing Volta V:

- User access to all the parts simultaneously with no screws or latches
- Quiet airflow with no exhaust vents on the top or front
- A monitor shelf and keyboard storage in 5.5" of total height
- All this be done in a minimal number of manufactured parts
- All of this designed in a way that seems obvious after you see it
(Prototype in Bamboo)
Most desktop monitors can't be raised to an ergonomic eye-line height. Even on a very shallow desk like the one pictured, Volta V can fit under and raise the monitor, while creating space for stowing the keyboard. 
You can learn more about Volta V at volta.computer
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