Reworld is a high-budget education focused user-generated-content platform for kids and teens that originated in the Chinese market, where it still operates today. The goal is to build a more carefully moderated platform with an equitable profit split that treats the labor of young game developers fairly, while maintaining the fun and social elements provided by competitors like Roblox. 

I was the Creative Director of the North America and English-speaking regions, working with the Chinese team to modify and re-release Reworld in the West. I designed and market tested the editor UX seen above, and directed marketing and feature rollout in the United States and Europe. 

While Reworld’s business did not succeed in the USA due to international trade restrictions during the pandemic, during the year that I was involved Reworld saw significant growth in the US and European market with thousands of simultaneous players building games in their engine and platform.

Many games were built by players using prefab assets and handmade 3d models. 

Reworld offered robust netcode and physics engines when compared to competitors. 

The development team created numerous templates and full projects for players to learn from. 

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